December 18, 2017

Successfully conducted a 2-day Intensive VACCINE (Value Creation Acceleration through Creativity and Innovation Experiences) Workshop for University of Philippines Diliman (UPD) in Manila from 31 Mar-1 April 2017.

UPD is the oldest, largest and the best university in the Philippines. UPD has been receiving only about 60% of operational budget from the government. They are able to generate 40% income from their own assets.

The University Hotel was constructed 36 years back. The campus has 4 high-end restaurants, operated by private sectors since 40 years back, and they are full with customers from outside the campus. UPD also has an Industrial Park, called UP Ayala Land TechnoHub.

Almost all classrooms and halls have nameplates of donors who donated to upkeep and maintain the facilities. UPD is a truly open campus, without security guardhouses and expensive fences. The public are free to jog around the green campus till late night and go to the restaurants anytime. Guards are stationed only at important buildings.

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