Consulting Program on
Value Creation Acceleration through Creativity & Innovation Experiences


VACCINE program is a process that has been designed to specifically implement the concept written in Dr. Ahmad’s book, Break the Pattern – the Science of Transformational Value Creation.

VACCINE program facilitates organizations harvest the enormous but largely untapped human capital to create transformational value creation, ensuring the organization’s long-term survival and sustainability.

VACCINE focuses on the middle managers who have been identified as the future leaders to leverage massive cultural changes towards the creation of innovation culture in the organization. VACCINE program runs between 12-24 months. It solves problems along the value chain of the organization to create exceptional value creations.

Our VACCINE program offers the following unique features to ensure maximum returns on the organization's investment in the program:

1. Database of Pain Points and Insights for the Organization. For value creation to happen, organization needs to do two things, i.e. taking stock of its “pain points” and harvesting “insights” from its stakeholders and noncustomers. VACCINE facilitates organization to harvest and document them.

2. Value Creation Initiatives in the Organization. Based on the thorough analysis of the above database, VACCINE helps to creatively and systematically solves current real problems and catalyze new initiatives in capitalizing the insights. Rapid decision making and systematic execution program for these projects ensures maximum returns to the organization.

3. Talent Management Program. The high intensity, externally oriented and interdisciplinary nature of VACCINE Program offers an integrated talent development program to step-up the shift in focus and thinking among the participants from operational to strategic leadership, hence fulfilling the succession planning and talent management program in the organization.


4. Cultivation of Innovation Culture. The structured cascading of knowledge and skills to the lower rung of the organization ensures the creation of critical mass needed for the cultivation of an innovation culture in the organization. In fact, the long-term survival and sustainability of the organization depends very much on how strong such culture of innovation permeates within the organization.

5. Proven Track Records. Similar programs have been successfully conducted in public and private organizations as well as Multinational Corporations such as Petronas, Shell Malaysia, Oracle Malaysia, Kulim Berhad, Johor Port Berhad, Public Works Department, UTM, UMP, UTeM, KLIA Holdings, NAZA Group, FELCRA, Multimedia Dev. Corp, MARA, PERHEBAT and Sabah Credit Corporation. The tools and techniques also have been fully tested and implemented by thousands of our students and clients since 2002 with out-standing results.