Training Program by
Dr. Ahmad

Dr Ahmad is passionate on helping organizations to sharpen and capitalize the latent potential of their greatest asset: The creativity of their human capital. He facilitates participants to think out-side the box to generate creative ideas that could deliver value creation to the organization.

Ideas are the currency in the current era of the mind. Ideas are the starting point of innovation and transformation in any organization. The best source of ideas surprisingly comes from the very human capital that resides within the organization.

As such, the future state and the survival of the organization depend on the effectiveness of the organization in harvesting the minds of its own human capital and those outside of the organization for ideas.

Dr. Ahmad has been invited as a keynote speaker in numerous conferences and to conduct workshops in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Qatar and UAE, sharing his passion on the concept of Break the Pattern. Among his notable training modules including the four criteria shown in the figure below.


3-day Intensive Training Workshops on Organization Transformation, conducted at the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

AKEPT Batch No. 1 (21-23 Feb 2017)
AKEPT Batch No. 2 (10-12 April 2017)
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AKEPT Batch No. 3 (26-27 Sept 2017)


Testimonials from Past Participants of Training Workshops Conducted by Dr. Ahmad Rahman Songip

Dr Ng Boon Beng

Financial Director, Oracle Malaysia

“It was an unprecedented exercise done in Oracle Corporation Malaysia that all senior staff were brought together under one roof to debate and agree on matters that are not often openly discussed. You have done amazingly well to get everyone into agreement on common issues. The end result is amazingly positive that commitments from various team members are secured to drive common objectives.”

Jasbir Singh

Senior Director, Applications Sales, Oracle Malaysia

“This was an eye opener, where we for once sit and look back at ourselves. I believe workshop like this needs to be done more often. I truly believe we need to have this workshop again with our CIO’s and customers.”

Lucas Lu

GM, Technology Sales, Oracle Malaysia

“Dr Ahmad has provided the relevant application of ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy as a methodology to bring together the senior management team.  Instead of talking about issues, it was refreshing to be able to put issues on paper, brainstorm solutions and have a commitment to drive concrete action plans.”

Hayati Harudin

Director, Business Development, Oracle Malaysia

“This workshop is really effective to identify problem statement and nail down actions and action owners to execute the resolution plans. Most importantly, this workshop drives and synergizes various line of business (LOBs) to a shared goal. Dr Ahmad was great in facilitating this, with his experience, we know how to chart the blue ocean strategic canvass.”

Prof. Dr. Abd. Manaf Ali

Deputy Vice Chancellor (R&I), UNISZA

“Very useful and important tools for organization transformation.”

Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Seman

Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, USIM

“Prof. Ahmad brilliantly explained the benefit and how to practice using the proper tools for value creation. I can’t wait to implement it in my organization.”

Prof. Dr. Raman Noordin

Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy, UMS

“Informative and significantly practical approach. The module has opened up ‘option’ of how an organization can assess ‘pain points’ and how to strategize.”

Prof. Dr. Ainul Jaria Bt Maidin

Director, Office of Corporate Strategy, IIUM

“Unconventional method in developing ideas to identify weaknesses and strength in an organization. He gave a very clear and simple ways of explaining complicated issues.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nornisah Mohamed

Deputy Dean, The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to attend this absolutely wonderful and transformational workshop. I am feeling energized and eager to start using the tools in our next strategic planning workshop.”

Wan Abd. Manan Wan Abdullah

Director, Centre for Professional Talent Development, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

“This module helps us to look at problems in a new perspective and understand the need to break the pattern which is the key to success.”

Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa

General Manager, Water Service Dept, Penang

“This is a very useful management tool to identify issues and solutions in any organization. It is carried out in a relaxed and creative manner. The facilitator conducted the exercise expertly”

Lim Pek Bio

Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd.

“Found the approach refreshing & different from other workshops, inspire new thinking. Well structured workshop – able to encourage creative ‘thinking out of the box’ blue ocean.”

Norman Hj. Harun

N. Sembilan Water Sdn Bhd.

“Breaking a pattern in a small thing that can bring a lot of differences in our daily practices. We tend to stick to one routine work and try to avoid changes to be on the safe side. Breaking a pattern will make life more interesting and the team can progress faster with new ideas.”

Teh Yeok Sin

Puncak Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd

“Good method to generate ideas from participants. Able to break the pattern, the normal way of getting idea.”

Prof. Dato Dr. Rosli Mohd Yunus

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), Universiti Malaysia Pahang

“This workshop is very effective in helping UMP to save operational cost of the university.”

Datin Fazia Ali

Senior Deputy Registrar, Division of Research & Innovation, Universiti Malaysia Pahang

“Yes, I like this workshop and will we will follow up with another workshop soon.”

Chin Tain Loi

Standard Chartered Bank, Kota Kinabalu

“This module opens up my mind with a different perspective. It really works like magic and it helps me to solve most of the challenges that I face in my job and now I can see a clear direction. My sale-team performances normally recorded RM2.1 million and now it has increased to RM4.5 million a month!”

Yeap Ho Aik

LB Aluminum Bhd, Beranang, Selangor

“I have used the creativity techniques taught in the module to solve a very big problem in my company. Through a multi-disciplinary team that I formed, we have come up with very creative solutions that saved our company more than RM 2 million!”

Jinmin Albat

Sarawak Shell Berhad, Bintulu

The tools taught in this module were indeed very practical and valuable. I have applied them to solve a long-standing problem in my current job. Upon attending the module, I could immediately see the creative solution to the problem that I could not see before. As a result, I was able to help Shell to save US$50,000 (RM 175,000)!”

Saravanan a/l Muthiah

Kobe Precision Technologies Sdn Bhd, Penang

“I was indeed very fortunate to attend this great module. My company was facing a problem that would conventionally require about RM 150,000 to buy a new machine to rectify the problem. Using the tools that I learnt from this module, I formed a team to find creative solutions to the problem. Finally we found a truly creative solution that costs only RM100! This solution is still in use until today.”

Zainal Abidin Bin Rahmat

Perodua Sales, Kluang

“Thank you for your very powerful creative problem solving method. Using your tools, we have increased our sales by more than 61% and has exceeded the HQ’s target in the last three months.”

Lee Jyh Jing

Solectron Technology Sdn Bhd, Penang

“I was really impressed with this module. Finally I have discovered my own brain and how to unleash its power. Various real examples and proven tools have been conveyed in easy and fun methods. I have applied the tools in my current job and after some practices, I was able to solve a recurrent problems of cooling fan failure that cause massive machine break-down due to burnt-up of CPU card which cost RM15,000 per piece, with only a RM2.00 solution!”

Dr. G. Navindran

Sandakan, Sabah

“It was an eye opener to a whole new world. It clearly teases our brain to look at the big picture and beyond. We had a glowing smile as we walked out at the end of the module.”

Yogaiswaran Kandiah

Maxis Berhad, Kuala Lumpur

“I need to be truthful in confessing that I was too confident that I knew the content of the module well considering my number of years of experience in the job and numerous course exposures that was attained. Surely my assumptions were completely denied with the theory, facts and deliverables that were presented by Dr Ahmad. May God blesses you for the sincere and spectacular delivery.”

Idarahayu Ayob

Multimedia Dev Corp

“It was fun and fulfilling but most importantly, it helped to open my eyes that I actually have the potential to succeed far beyond what I can imagine. This is one module where I don’t even want to blink for fear I might miss something very significant in my life.”