Break The Pattern

The Science of Transformational
Value Creation

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About the Author

Dr. Ahmad Rahman Songip is Professor (Volunteer) of Innovation Management at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur. He is also an intrapreneur, speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant in Break the Pattern.

Dr. Ahmad has created transformational value creation by deploying Break the Pattern concept with his clientele through his speaking, training, coaching and consulting services. So far, more than 5000 participants from more than 500 organizations have benefited from his facilitations. The tools and techniques also have been fully tested and implemented by thousands of our students and clients since 2003 with outstanding results.

As Academic Director at UTM Business & Advanced Technology Centre, he successfully transformed the ailing center to register a phenomenal growth of 2400% in revenue and 3900% in net profit. During his Deputy Deanship at UTM Research Management Centre, he initiated a paradigm shift in R&D management that led to a jump of 400% in procured research grants.

Dr. Ahmad graduated with BSc (High Honors) and MChE in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA. He holds Dr.Eng (Chemical Engineering) from Kyoto University. He supervises more than 50 Masters and Doctorate candidates and has published more than 100 publications. He holds four Intellectual Property Rights.


Essence of BTP

The process to create transformational value creation is called INNOVATION. For innovation to happen, it must have three ingredients, namely intention, creativity and transformational effort. This process is a science – that is repeatable and duplicable, by anybody, at anytime and anywhere.

A simple example using an egg may explain this element. In Malaysia, a fresh egg costs about RM0.35. You may add additional cost to cover other expenses to fry the egg. Say the total expenses become RM0.50 and the value of bull’s eye fried egg is RM1.00, hence you have just created a return on investment (ROI) of 100%. This is an example of transformational value creation (aka innovation) in reality. 


For innovation to happen, you must have a specific purpose, intention or mission. The grandeur the intention, the higher the value it is creating. This intention helps in setting the context in the subconscious mind of the problem solver.


Setting the right context facilitates the discovery of “eureka” or creative ideas that is so elusive to everyone. My book helps in breaking down the process of getting this “eureka” moment, so that it could be done by anybody who wishes to get one.

Key Pain Points Indicators (KPPIs)

Instead of focusing on the Key Performance Indicators, as what is normally done by most organizations, my book is focusing on the KPPIs – the Key Pain Points Indicators. The KPPIs is a better indicator to manage your organizations.

Keep It Simple and Satisfying (KISS)

Execution requires the right skills and efforts. My book proposes a simple concept to ensure execution is perfect, i.e. KISS – Keep It Simple and Satisfying. For it to be KISS, you need to understand how the brain works.

RM 7+ Billion (= USD 1.75+ Billion)

Value Created


Satisfied Organizations


Satisfied Participants


Speaking & Training Services

Dr. Ahmad is passionate on helping organizations to sharpen and capitalize the latent potential of their greatest asset: The creativity of their human capital. He facilitates participants to think out-side the box to generate creative ideas that could deliver transformational value creation to the organization.

Ideas are the currency in the current era of the mind. Ideas are the fuel of innovation and transformation in any organization. The best source of ideas surprisingly comes from the very human capital that resides inside the organization. Another overlooked sources of ideas are from outside the organization, including the noncustomers. As such, the future state and the survival of the organization depend on the effectiveness of the organization in harvesting the minds of its stakeholders.

Dr. Ahmad has been invited as a keynote speaker in numerous conferences and to conduct training workshops in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Qatar and UAE, sharing his passion on the concept of Break the Pattern. Among his notable training modules include:

  • Transformation of the Minds
  • Scenario Planning
  • Innovation Management
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Organization Transformation
Kulim (M) Bhd – additional net profit of RM30 million, 2008-09


Public Works Dept – Potential savings > RM7 Billion, 2011-14


Universiti Malaysia Pahang

  • Cost saving of RM10 million, 2012
  • New revenue of RM90 million, 2014
  • Transformation Plan for 2016-2020, 2015

Video Part

Malay Version
English Version


Dr. Ahmad has been speaking in numerous conferences, seminars and workshops in Malaysia, Brazil, Brunei, China, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The Philippines, Turkey, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, sharing his passion on the concept of Break the Pattern

Istanbul, Turkey

23 Dec 2015

Taxila, Pakistan

11 - 13 Sept 2017

Manila, Philippines

31 Mar - 1 Apr 2017

Skudai, Malaysia

24 Apr 2016



“UTM is always driven to do things differently in unique ways as part of its value creation. This is especially so in trying times like this. As such, UTM has been breaking a lot of patterns lately. This book is very timely indeed!”

Gerry Robert

Consulting Services

Dr. Ahmad’s flagship consulting program is called VACCINE (Value Creation Acceleration through Creativity and Innovation Experience), helps organizations in harvesting the minds of their human capital and stakeholders, thus ensuring the organizations’ long-term survival and sustainability.

VACCINE program is a process that has been designed to specifically implement the concept of Break the Pattern – the Science of Transformational Value CreationVACCINE program facilitates organization to harvest the enormous but largely untapped minds of its stakeholders to create transformational value creation.

Our VACCINE program offers the following unique features to ensure maximum returns on the organization’s investment in the program:

Database of Pain Points
and Insights for the Organization

For value creation to happen, organization needs to do two things, i.e. taking stock of its “pain points” and harvesting “insights” from its stakeholders and noncustomers. VACCINE facilitates organization to harvest and document them.

Value Creation Initiatives
in the Organization

Based on the thorough analysis of the above database, VACCINE helps to creatively and systematically solves current real problems and catalyzes new initiatives in capitalizing the insights. Rapid decision making and systematic execution program for these projects ensure maximum returns to the organization.

Cultivation of Innovation Culture

The structured cascading of knowledge and skills to the lower rung of the organization ensures the creation of critical mass needed for the cultivation of an innovation culture in the organization. In fact, the long-term survival and sustainability of the organization depends very much on how strong such culture of innovation permeates within the organization.

Talent Management Program

The high intensity, externally-oriented and interdisciplinary nature of VACCINE Program offers an integrated talent development program to step-up the shift in focus and thinking among the participants from operational to strategic leadership, hence fulfilling the succession planning and talent management program in the organization.

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To help unravel the elusiveness in getting and executing creative and innovative ideas for your organization by harvesting your enormous but largely untapped human capital to create transformational value creations, thus ensuring your organization’s long-term survival and sustainability.

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To help unravel the elusiveness in getting and executing creative and innovative ideas for your organization by harvesting your enormous but largely untapped human capital to create transformational value creations, thus ensuring your organization’s long-term survival and sustainability.

Harvest the Minds Sdn Bhd
Co No: 875289-X
B-03-10, Gateway Corporate Suites,
Gateway Kiaramas
No 1, Jalan Desa Kiara
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,