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Lessons Learnt from Yellowknife Trip

Home   I am writing this blog while vacationing with my wife in Yellowknife, Canada. Yellowknife is the capital and only city, as well as the largest community, in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Yellowknife is the most northern city in Canada accessible by commercial flights. It is known for the best aurora borealis or northern lights in the world. Today’s temperature in Yellowknife is -10C and the sky is covered by cloud.… Read More »Lessons Learnt from Yellowknife Trip

The Way Forward for SPV 2030

Home 1 Nov 2019By Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rahman SongipPresident, International Association for Innovation Management (iAIM)Mobile: 017-6399457Email:, The Shared Prosperity Vision (SPV) 2030 launched on 6 Oct 2019 by YAB Prime Minister shall be commended. The basis of SPV 2030 is to grow the GDP from RM1.45 trillion in 2018 to RM3.4 trillion by 2030.  According to Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER), “the GDP growth has to be… Read More »The Way Forward for SPV 2030

Actually, you can

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We rise by lifting others

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